Teamtrip is the ultimate solution for effortlessly organizing a group trip that will be enjoyed by everyone involved. With Teamtrip, you can easily invite your friends to vote on crucial details such as the ideal dates for the trip, the most suitable accommodation options, and the exciting activities and attractions to include in the itinerary.

Say goodbye to the hassle of group travel planning, as Teamtrip simplifies the process and ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all.

What is Teamtrip?

Your One-Stop Shop for Group Trip Planning

With Teamtrip, you have the ability to invite your friends and have them participate in polls that will help you decide important details for your trip. These polls will cover essential aspects such as travel dates, accommodation options, and exciting activities.
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How Teamtrip Works

Your One-Stop for Group Trip Planning

Create a Trip and Invite Friends

Create a custom trip that’s sure to get your group excited. Write out fun text, add GIFs, and upload images. Then, when you’re ready, invite friends via email or text. It’s that easy to get started!

Suggest Things and Vote on Your Favorites

Decide on key trip details by suggesting and voting on dates, destinations, stays, and activities. Once votes are cast, Troupe identifies the group favorites, so you can pick the options that work best for everyone.

Poll Your Group and Share Notes

Get the input you need to make better decisions faster. Create custom polls to ask travelers about budget, trip length, or anything in between. Want to sort out contact info, packing lists, or menus? Create shared notes to organize all your information, all in one place.

Decide on Activities and Build an Itinerary

Figure out what to do at your destination by using our activities feature to suggest and vote on things like restaurants, tours, museums, and more. Then, easily add the group’s favorite activities to an itinerary so you can plan out what to do each day.

Simplify Your Trip Planning

Our collaborative planning features are designed to drive easy decision making

  • Manage RSVPs

    Collect RSVPs from your group so you know who’s in, who’s out, and who’s on the fence.

  • Vote & Suggest

    Make choices confidently by suggesting and voting on important details. We’ll show you the faves.

  • Poll Your Group

    Have questions for your group? Use polls to get answers from travel time to budget and beyond.

  • Build an Itinerary

    Easily build your itinerary with your group by adding activities and organizing them by day.

  • Send Broadcasts

    Send announcements to the whole group with the click of a button. Share deadlines, deals, and more!

  • Get Notified

    Customize your notifications so you can stay on top of your group’s decisions, votes, and more.


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